Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vermont Studio Center 

Week one is over and we are half way through the second week of my one month long residency at VSC. Below is a panorama of my studio at the moment and I'll be posting one every few days during my time here. 

September 10, 2014

I'm working a bit smaller than i'm used to because I only have access to a 11x17 xerox printer, but its color! The work is taking on a new life with the addition of color but a desaturated one.

On a bike ride I found this abandoned mobile home. I explored it and have been making work revolving around and inside it. 

The first task I gave my self was to clean it. 

The home owners look like they left in a hurry leaving most of their things behind like dolls, toys, dishes, pictures, and so on. There was a chair going through the wall as if someone threw it, and other broken furniture. There is a field of weeds enveloping the home and reclaiming it. I don't think its been touched since 1999. 

Could have been vandalism?                             Found this calendar on the refrigerator.

One of the 2 pictures I found in the home with the image of Houston Harris (Bobo Brazil), an american professional wrestler.  Credited with breaking down barriers of racial segregation in professional wrestling, Harris is considered one of the first successful African American professional wrestlers. 

"In Medias Res" ( latin for in the midst of) 

I organized an exhibition with Jeremy Faro (writer) for the residents and staff here at VSC. The space is located on 50 w. main street in Johnson. It had a for rent sign and the owner was kind enough to rent it to me for the night. 

I just have to say it was a magical night full of conversation, laughter, live music, fireworks, and ART. 

Artists and Writers Unite! 

After a studio visit, the writer chooses a title for the artwork and could also choose to write a poem or description for the piece. It was probably the most i've seen people actively reading and investing time with the art at an opening. I suggest everyone collaborates with writers!

The view of the galley from the street.

Example of a writing done for the paintings of Harlan Mack by Nandi Comer ( you can see the paintings is the previous image, they are the black and white ones)

The beautiful thank you note to Jeremy and I for putting the show together.