Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3RD YEAR - of graduate school.

My current research consists of deconstructing sex and gender.  I’m innately curious about sexual orientation and whether or not this is a given or something achieved through life experience. Through my own gaze as a woman I’m conducting artistic experiments through digital representation of my body.
            Gender is a type of “doing, “ as Judith Butler states it. There are many questions I’m rooting through such as, what does gender want? Does gender exist because of social norms? Does the outside world determine oneself? What is the materiality of the body? I strive to Challenge the norms of sexuality and gender through abjection and psychosis. Can I delegitimize “sex”? The ways in which I’m approaching this subject is by stripping the body of gender clues and denying them norms of our society. The images are larger than life with the largest figure standing at 8 feet tall.  This puts the gaze higher setting the figure in the position of power. The figures eyes stare back at you with intensity. I’m interested not specifically in the “male gaze”, or the “female gaze”, but questioning what is my “self gaze.”