Thursday, July 17, 2014

"I make art like a girl"

I'm playing around with contemporary culture and how we advertise and stereotype women. I've started out with the company American Apparel. I'm using their font and taking queues from their editorial layouts. This is the first time i've used text in my work and below are a few images of what I've been making.

(Happy Birthday)

Materials include: Cardboard, xerox print, tar, masking tape. 
Scale: smaller figures standing at about 46" tall. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I just moved back to the Philadelphia area and I'm very excited to be teaching a few classes at Tyler School of art in their continuing education program! I'll be teaching sculpture to high school students who are trying to advance their portfolios for college.

I have a small studio in the apartment I'm subletting for July and August. I'm not sure what work will come out of this move but I'm ready to start making! 

Left Ohio State a little gift!
Two of my Pants Blow's next to a Brett Swenson window and a Hank Adams Piece.

Playing around in my new tiny studio

"I Make Art Like A Girl"