Wednesday, April 10, 2013

REVIEW : The Double Deuce

These are images from my review (second semester of the second year) I have one more year to go and I'm feeling really energized my the new language of materials that I've been working with. I would love to hear any feedback or answer any questions about the work.


            Uncontrollable impulses happen when someone sees blood and becomes weak at the knees, or gags when they taste or smell something terrible. Creating discomfort that can linger within the viewer changes their state of mind and pushes them outside their comfort zone.  When the viewer becomes estranged from their body it leads them to a new way of experiencing and evaluating their own experiences of being a body.  
            I’m also beginning to delve into the space of gender division and begin to reflect on my life experiences.  I grew up in a middle to lower class mobile home park. Mobile or “modular” neighborhoods become their own entity and from my experience attract a specific group of people mostly with low incomes and large families. I grew up as a tomboy rejecting gender, as it didn’t have much importance to me. I would cut bows off my hand-me-down clothing and wore only sweat pants and black sneakers for a majority of my childhood. Memories are resurfacing and finding meaning within the objects and fragments that I’m creating. Fast everyday materials have become essential to my process of making, which relates to the makeshift home full of quick fixes and dirt. I feel it has begun to ground the work physically and mentally allowing for my forms to take shape. Working through materials that are at hand begins to build a library of interchangeable components in which to pull from.  It’s through these tactile materials the abjection of gender becomes blended into the uncanny.

View of space