Sunday, November 18, 2012

This weekend  I took an exploratory trip to the Soap Factory in Minneapolis, Minnesota to take a look at the gallery space. I will be showing there along with 8 other artists in March 2013.

--The Soap Factory is located in the former National Purity Soap Company building, donated to the organization by Pillsbury in 1995. This historic 48,000 sq. ft. wood and brick warehouse-located along the riverfront near the birthplace of Minneapolis-makes The Soap Factory the third largest contemporary art gallery in Minneapolis/St Paul, and one of the largest devoted to emergent practice in the USA. We are the only true "raw" space in Minneapolis/St Paul, a unique showcase for sculpture, installation, painting, performance, photography, film, and video.

Just one of the rooms in the giant 48,000 sq. ft space.-->
Some old lard left over from the factories history of soap making.