Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Specific Tasks

This is a collaborative video/performance by both myself and Kristen Coburn. The title is Specific Tasks because we had two separate scores:
Kristen: Do work
Amy: Fill it
These scores were our only limitation and the video was born out of those restrictions.
Materials used: 25lb bags of flour, random tools, glass bottles and jars.
Here is a link to the video, but its best displayed the way it looks in the picture below.

Installation view

Video still
Video still

Post-performance images


In the Dark: Rooms to Let Temporary Art Space

In the Dark imagines the possibility of art in total darkness, positing that not all work can or should be witnessed through incandescent light, or even light at all. Each artist involved is provided with a single room, a designation for site-specific installations and performances.

On this one-night exhibition, the public will be provided with a single flashlight upon entering. Attendees will peruse the dark house, encountering choreographed dance, melancholy drumming, and art strung from the ceiling.   --->

 I chose a bathroom and a bedroom to create site specific installations in. I had to work in complete darkness for the installation using flashlights to see what I was painting.

Me and Myself: bathroom Installation

Title: Black and Light: Stripes were cut out of center of body to create a striping light.
A light shines through the figure reflecting light on to the viewer and onto the wall opposite.
the reflecting light from figure on opposite wall.