Monday, January 18, 2016

Studio - January 18th, 2016

I'm about half way through the FAWC fellowship 

Resting Heads | Xerox print, OSB plywood, Cinderblocks | 2016 @ PAAM
 (Provincetown Art Association and Museum)
PAAM Website

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Studio Update, FAWC

I've been working on a project for the Arlington Arts center's solo exhibitions spring 2016. I'm creating pop up mobile home parks by pasting images of mobile homes to plywood, cutting them out, and staking them into the ground. This will be a transportable installation to be set up in varying landscapes. 

Its about a month and a half into the FAWC residency and here are couple of images to the start of the project.

Photos are taken at the old Truro Airforce Base in what I think is an overgrown baseball field 

Monday, October 19, 2015

FAWC- Fine Arts Work Center, 2015

October to April I will be at the Fine arts Work Center for their 7 mo. fellowship! This is located in the small New England town of Provincetown, Ma. I receive a place to live, a studio, and a monthly stipend!! 

This is what my studio looks like after 2 weeks
still moving in and getting adjusted.

Its a challenge to find materials that I'm accustomed to using and printing images for my work. I've been slowly getting my connects together and figuring out how to find what I need.

Its also a completely new environment that I'm not used to working in. Instead of an urban run down neighborhood I'm living in a small wealthy tourist destination town.

I have a feeling some interesting things are going to come from this experience...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Kép Klub - Mixer Residency - D'Clinic studios

D'Clinic Residency - Outcome

The Mixer residency has come to an end.
We made an artist book to document all of our projects with before and after pictures! -> Artist Book

KÉP KLUB is an international group of uniformed ‘art workers’ who first formed in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary. The three artists: Amy Ritter (US), Kieran Butler (AU), and Rob Burton (UK), use expanded drawing, photographic and installation practices to create site responsive, often public, artworks in the context(s) they fine themselves in. Adopting a methodology of collecting images and stories KÉP KLUB works to question the role of the contemporary artist and audience. Who is the ‘art worker’, and what value does a community assign them, and how can they collaborate (or work together).

KÉP KLUB invited the people of Zalaegerszeg to donate a space or object of their choosing. Surfaces included, but were not limited to, walls, garage doors, fences or objects such as a bicycle or an item of clothing. After a site visit and interview the artists design colors and imagery specific to the individual or family in their own artistic style. In this way KÉP KLUB becomes not only a collaboration between the three artists, but also a collaboration with the community. In an attempt to understand this unknown environment, the artist create a new connection with the places and people they meet.

We were interviewed by D'Clinic ->  Kép Klub Interview

We were also on Zalaegerszeg's local news!!!! Fast forward to 18:20

This was a successful and worth while collaborative residency for me. I met so many amazing people and made life long friends. Kép Klub hopes to continue this project in other cities to continue the work and invite other artists to get involved.

D' Clinic Residency - Kép Klub Week 2

We heard back from the people of Zalaegerszeg!

Our first job was working with Szilvia who has an extremely adorable home on top of a hill and she let us design her garage doors.




She simply wanted us to make the garage doors happy and inviting. So I photographed things around the yard (Rocks, mothers vintage mugs, neighborhood cat, flowers, and figs) :) This was a great first project!

Zalaegerszeg Week 1 

Call us Kép Klub!

This poster roughly translates: We want to meet you! We will paint a space of your choosing for FREE! Kép Klub means Image club and we are 3 ( 3 artist, from 3 continnents, 3 dif. art practices) Then at the bottom it says for more information places take one. We have rip offs at the bottom with our e-mail and website. and KepKlub is our website!

We are advertising to the city but its proven to be difficult because you have to pay to post your posters around town. Instead we've been asking store owners to display them in their windows and handing out little flyers to all the people we see and meet. :) 

We began a collaboration mural in the studio waiting to hear from the public.....

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

I began a residency at D' CLINIC studios located in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary yesterday Monday Sept. 7th. I will be collaborating with 2 artists Kieran Butler (Sydney Australia) and Rob Burton (England) on a project together. The second day is coming to a close and we are in the early stages of planning.

The studio- lots of space to work in with an extra room in the back and outside courtyard along with a cute kitchen in the front.

For fun Kieran and I hoped on bicycles and cruised around town and hiked up steep hills to explore the amazing neighborhoods and see what we could see. Here are some pictures I took, enjoy!

Eat this America #tinyhomes

STAY TUNED ......... 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Vacant lot on Jasper close to front street         6-16-15

I've been wheat pasting images of mobile homes around North Philadelphia. I live in Kensington and passed this abandoned lot on my way home from work every day. I decided to stop one day and use the existing debris to build walls out of the old cinderblocks to become my new working surface. This work is important to me because it affords me an opportunity to meet my curious neighbors and an abandoned space for me to share my ideas surrounding impermanence in the housing market. 

Homes and buildings are torn down every day in Philadelphia and new condos are replacing these historic buildings. I relate to this decaying infrastructure connecting it back to my experience of growing up in a mobile home park where homes break down at alarming rates and in the end fit into a single dumpster. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

    Xerox image, cardboard, cast concrete

This piece developed through moving into a new studio and having the space to hang up images that had been rolled up for some time. I've also been trekking these concrete castings of jean legs around with me and began lining them up in front of the image. I've been printing some color xerox images of all the brightly colored mobile homes I've been photographing and saw the potential of the empty foundations as a placeholder for some color.